Coin Cleaners and Chemicals

Model Product Image Item Name Price
044-0501 40 Gram Silica Gel Unit - Dessicant

40 Gram Silica Gel Unit - Dessicant

Controls humidity for about 3 cubic feet of storage. Color indicator tells you when the pack has absorbed all of the moisture it can hold. Place in...


042-0001 E-Z-Est Tarnish Remover for Silver, 5oz Jar

E-Z-Est Tarnish Remover for Silver, 5oz Jar

Use as a dip for silver coins that have too much tarnish or toning on them. After dipping for a few seconds, flush thouroughly with clean water. Not...


042-0101 E-Z-Est Tarnish Remover for Silver, Gallon Bottle

E-Z-Est Tarnish Remover for Silver, Gallon Bottle



042-0002 MS-70 Coin Cleaner

MS-70 Coin Cleaner

Use with Q-tip to apply to coins of any metal. Cleans off dirt, wax, PVC, and the white film found on many modern Mint Set and Proof Set coins.


042-0007 BSC Darkner

BSC Darkner

Darkner for copper coins. Provides a natural looking toning for copper coins. Similar look and feel to the Dellers darkner which is no longer...


042-0010 Nic-A-Lene


Use to remove dirt and tarnish from nickel coins.


042-0011 Nic-A-Date


Apply a couple of drops to the date area of a Buffalo nickel, Liberty nickel, or Shield nickel and watch while the date reappears almost like magic....


042-0012 Nic-A-Tone


Apply to copper coins that have been cleaned (pink) to restore color to a more natural brown. Works best if slightly warm.


042-0013 Nic-A-Spray


Use to clean silver and gold coins.


042-0008 Verdi-Care


VERDI-CARE™ is different from any other coin product on the market. It is truly a conservation fluid and NOT a cleaner. It is designed to only remove...


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