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#19 - Guide Book of Half Cents & Large Cents
Redbook for Half Cents and Large Cents.
Item: 030-0289
Sale Price: $33.30
Colonial and Early American Coins - Bowers
Second Edition.
Item: 030-0213
Sale Price: $40.50
The Early Coins of America
By Sylvester S. Crosby.
Item: 030-0212
Sale Price: $44.10
Enc. of U.S. Half Cents - Breen
Item: 030-0172
Sale Price: $71.10
Penny Whimsey
By Sheldon.
Item: 030-0182
Sale Price: $54.00
Temporarily Out of Stock
Grading Guide for Early American Coppers
Item: 030-0310
Sale Price: $49.50
Temporarily Out of Stock
#25 - Guide Book of Continental Coins and Currency
Item: 030-0217
Sale Price: $17.10
Colonial Coins of Vermont
Item: 030-0210
Sale Price: $10.80
Temporarily Out of Stock